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Over the next year, this blog is going to advocate feminism. Not the man-hating, destroy the patriarchy, bra-burning type of feminism, but what feminism really abets: equality.

People are often hesitant to state their stance on feminism. They are often scared about being viewed as being some sort of crazy woman that goes around preaching about the importance of vaginas and how make-up will be our downfall. Or they are a guy that is afraid of being stripped of their masculinity by confidently saying that they are a feminist. Or they just truly do not care about equal rights and are fine with the world being as misogynistic as it is.

I am going to try to educate about the truth of this cause and how vitally important it is for the future of this world. Subjects involving gender roles, rape, media, and segregation are going to be discussed all in the hope that people we see why feminism is so needed, why everyone needs their human rights.


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